Diagnostic process

When developmental and behavioural concerns are identified by parents or health care providers a child will begin a formal assessment process. While the DSM-V guidelines are used consistently across Australia, the diagnostic process varies from State to State. This may involve one or any combination of the following:

  • Paediatrician or developmental paediatrician
  • Psychologist
  • Child psychiatrist
  • Private or state funded multi-disciplinary team (the required members of this team vary from state to state but are likely to include some combination of: paediatricians, developmental paediatricians; psychologists, psychiatrists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists).

Specific state level requirements can be obtained from the ASD association in each state. The exact process will vary with the professional undertaking the assessment. However, it is likely to involve professional interviews with parents and carers, observations and/or interviews with the child, and possibly some questionnaires around development and behaviour completed by families and/or care/education providers.