About PlayConnect

PlayConnect is a program that incorporates supported playgroups from across Australia. PlayConnect was established in 2008 to assist families with young children diagnosed with ASD or presenting ASD-like characteristics. The program provides parents and families with a facilitated support network network to share experiences and foster a sense of belonging, as well as tailored sensory play opportunities for children with ASD. PlayConnect is delivered, free across 141 sites nationally, with 3,100 families supported over the past six years. The program provides a ‘soft entry’ point to access information and support on the ASD journey and offers a pathway to engagement with specialist early intervention services for young children.


ASD Facts and Figures

It is estimated that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1% of Australian children. In 2012, 9,000 Australian children (0-9yrs) had a confirmed ASD diagnosis (ABS data 2012).

  • The average age of diagnosis in children is typically 4 years
  • Eighty percent of ASD cases occur in males
  • Fifty percent of children diagnosed with ASD also suffer from another disability (e.g.anxiety).
  • There is no cure for ASD but early intervention is showing encouraging results.

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