Scaffolding Play

At this level, a child can interact with key people in their life but may need a little more support to do so effectively. This level is all about building a strong foundation for their interactions and play.

At this level, the child:

  • may interact with familiar people in familiar situations.
  • may understand simple, familiar sentences.
  • may express needs or wants by pointing, gesturing or using short phrases.
  • may interact with others only when spoken to.
  • may not initiate their own interactions.
  • may engage in play activities for longer periods.
  • may take turns in play but may need support.
  • may play with toys functionally.
  • may choose to play with the same toys all the time.
  • may avoid playing in unfamiliar situations or with certain toys.
  • may play alone or parallel with others.

Goals of the Activities:

  • Assist the child to initiate play.
  • Teach the child to take turns in a range of activities.
  • Support the child to communicate for a variety of purposes (e.g. refuse and protest, answer questions, comment, greet, ask for help, ask to join in).
  • Help the child to follow simple directions.
  • Expand functional play.
  • Introduce and support pretend play.
Below you can view a range of Scaffolding Play activities: